Namotassa Baghavato Arahato Sama Sambuddhasa ...

We are extremely fortunate that we have a large, enthusiastic and engaged group who have already demonstrated their support for Wat Phra Singh UK, and the Trustees wish to record our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to the great successes we have had in such a short space of time.  As we move towards the acquisition of the new property we are conscious that the workload will increase significantly.  We are structuring our management at three levels:  Trustees / Temple Committee / Temple Volunteers - and this is where we need your help ....

We would like to ask anyone who would be willing to volunteer their time and skills to register with us so that the Committee know who can be called upon to help.

If you have a particular skill ...  such as builder, translation, IT, printing, cooking, webdesign, DJ, etc..  anything at all then please let us know and we will add you to our list of volunteers.  But be warned .... we may come calling on you for help !!!

Our volunteers are:

 Name Skills Phone No EMail
 Seangthian Thiwaphat General duties 01928 732808
 John Prendergast General duties 0151 356 3735
 Phonthip Prendergast Cooking, general 0151 356 3735
 Som Earlam General duties 07788 423925 
 Teya NilpetchAdmin, Marketing 07753 450282
 Jason Earlam Joiner 07788 423926
 Khunna Talaya Painting 07799 448804
 Saiyam Lofthouse General duties 07743 049098 
 Khun Mai General duties 07821 910508 
 Yohan Setiadi Computing, driving 07770 702938
 Lane Charoensey Monks care 
 Thom Charoensey Monks care  
 Phan Phengsavanh Monks care  
 Phet Phengsavanh Monks care  
 Prasert Bouachanh Monks care  
 Prakhien Bouachanh Monks care  
 Nikki Hill English Language & Yoga  
 David Clarke Tai Chi instruction